Collection: Ancients

The Ancients Collection dropped Winter 2020 as part of a double collection launch with the Zistanê Collection.

This was a passion project. The pieces in this ancients drop, I have been working on at a very slow pace for a while now, it is more of an ode to personal, lifelong inspirations of mine. All the pieces are inspired by years of ancient jewelry research that I have done purely because of intrigue and my love for past relics. I love the way they’re photographed, the way they are preserved, how I feel when I’m trying to understand how old they are and how beautiful they still look, wondering what they were like when they were first made by visionaries thousands of years ago. What was their purpose? For protection, for beauty, for ceremonies? I enjoyed my time with these pieces and there was no stress about creating “quantity”. Most of the pieces are one of a kind, maybe 2 of a kind. It’s different from my other work and I’m grateful 2020 gave me the time and space to create it.