Collection: Rebirth

The Rebirth Collection dropped Summer 2021.

This collection is heavily inspired by old things made anew.  A lot of the materials sourced were up-cycled/vintage/reused and things that I wanted to turn into new pieces of adornment. Rebirthed gems.

The concept of rebirth is also personal for me. This past year, 2020 and what seeped into 2021, has taught me how to let go, trust, and accept things both within and outside of myself. This summer feels like a time of rebirth and renewed energy, a time to fully embrace whatever joy is given to you, whether big or small, because all joy is joy…and in moments where things feel cloudy or dark, the smallest shreds of joy are resistance. 

Rebirth is a testimony to growth and healing. It is also a collection of my many thoughts, feelings, and a genuine result of choosing joy unapologetically and not questioning whether you are worthy of happiness because you are.

Shout out to everyone who helped contribute to naming these pieces, I loved getting familiar with new words that remind you all of summer time in your mother tongues. There were many that I didn’t use that I will try and incorporate into future collections. 🧿