Collection: The Ancestors

The Ancestors Collection dropped May 2022.

This body of work started as part two of my 2020 passion project collection, ‘ancients’ but throughout the creation process it evolved into connecting with the ancestors energy through pieces of adornment as a means to accept, process, and begin healing from the last two years of the global traumas we have all felt seen and endured. Whether it was happy moments or sad moments or angry moments, I realized at the start of this year that nothing had been going through a process phase within and the weight of that was pulling me down. This collection was the start of healing to evolve.

I worked much slower on this collection than past ones, not intentionally but that was the way of the flow. Initially I wanted to release this work for newroz but my hands said no keep going. So I kept going until I could feel the pull to stop and found myself feeling lighter at the end of creating this collection than I had at the beginning, back in january. 

I hope you all enjoy these pieces. I really enjoyed making them and hope the energy of them resonates with whoever wears a piece.

(This collection has more variety in styles but everything is limited, similar to the original ancients collection. I wanted every piece to feel special and unique to the wearer.)

Shout out to everyone who helped contribute to naming these pieces, I loved getting familiar with new words that resonate with your roots and heritage in your mother tongues.