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A Blue Sphinx

A Blue Sphinx

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“The ancient Egyptians were among the first wearers of established jewelry made from precious metals. The Egyptians valued personal adornment and jewelry such as statement necklaces, pendants, cuff bracelets and amulets were worn by all classes. However, it was mostly wealthy Egyptians that could afford to wear jewelry made from shiny gold or precious gems and so such jewelry became associated with power, wealth and status. The Egyptians wore their jewelry in life and in death as many pieces were entombed with them during burials.

How Egyptian jewelry was made

It’s believed that the ancient Egyptians made jewelry in workshops and that multiple workers were involved in the process, working in an assembly-line fashion. Different individuals would work on different components, for example, one would be involved in making beads while another would drill holes in them.

The main metals used to make jewelry back then were gold and copper. Gold was mostly worn by the wealthy and copper was used by the masses because it was more affordable. Silver seemed to be quite rare at that time.

Probably one of the most iconic ancient Egyptian jewelry pieces was the wide collar necklace which sat across the collarbones. This is an example below made from copper and gold foil, which was found at the burial site of an Egyptian man. It’s thought to date back to the end of the 5th dynasty or early 6th dynasty.” Check this link here for more fascinating information on Ancient Egyptian jewelry.

Limited quantity of 1.

Raw brass crescent pendant, gold plated hardware, vintage stones, beads, and sphinx figure. 24k gold plated turquoise stone cluster chain.

Handcrafted with love in Texas during the Fall(Payiz)/Winter(Zistanê) of 2020.

Shipping & Returns

Items are made to order and can take up to 5-7 business days to ship out. Much love and appreciation for the patience you all show me. My goal is always to get the product out as fast as possible.

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Care Tips

• Store your jewelry in an air tight space.

• Remove your jewelry when in water, keeping the piece(s) away from cleansers/detergents. 

• Avoid direct contact with perfumes, body lotions and other chemicals. 

• Clean the pieces after use by wiping with a soft dry cloth. 

• Remove your jewelry before going to bed or participating in any physical activity. 

If allergy appears, stop wearing. This is fashion jewelry, not real gold/silver. However, I am constantly improving the materials that I use and currently use mostly gold plated stainless steel metals, some of the best on the market for fashion jewelry. 

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