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For Azadî

For Azadî

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“Hengaw Organization for Human Rights was founded in October 2016 by a group of human rights activists to report about the extensive human rights violations that were occurring in the Kurdish areas in west of Iran. Hengaw relies on a network of anonymous human rights volunteers and Kurdish citizens in the west of the country to report about the human rights violations. Hengaw has no affiliation with any political party.”

100% of all proceeds from these two pieces will be donated to the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights. During the Jîna/Women Life Freedom revolution in Eastern Kurdistan and Iran against the IRGC and all it’s components, this organization has been a constant source of aid, information, and care. I know that the team behind this organization works non stop, trying to not only provide care to the community but around the clock updating and reporting on the reality of what is happening, and what has been happening since they formed in 2016.

If these pieces do not interest you and would like to contribute to them and their work you can also donate HERE to them directly.


These are both original designs I created in the recent months that are inspired by humanity’s fight against oppression and occupation and the goal of freedom for all, regardless of ANYTHING. We are not free until we are all free.

*handcrafted with love and care during the late summer, fall, and winter of 2022/2023*

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• Remove your jewelry before going to bed or participating in any physical activity. 

If allergy appears, stop wearing. This is fashion jewelry, not real gold/silver. However, I am constantly improving the materials that I use and currently use mostly gold plated stainless steel metals, some of the best on the market for fashion jewelry. 

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