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Sumerian Collar

Sumerian Collar

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“The Sumerian jewelry makers were the first to use techniques like granulation and filigree, be it in simple and not very fine forms. A well-loved color combination is that of blue-yellow-red; the combination of lapis lazulli, gold and carnelian. The materials were crafted to beads and then strung in alternating ways. A few pieces displaying gold objects with precious stone inlay have been found in the graves of prominent Sumerians as well. Chains, made with the basic loop in loop method and filigree show that the Sumerian goldsmiths had a firm grip on making, and using gold wire. A typical motive is that of the spiral. Metalworking techniques weren’t very complicated but nevertheless very effective.

Jewelry worn by men often consisted of earrings, necklaces, armlets, bracelets, pectoral ornaments and headbands with a gold chain at the back which is presumed to have acted as a head-cloth fastener. Sumerian women wore a much wider variety of jewelry such as golden headdresses made of sheet gold in the form of foliage and flowers, huge crescent-shaped earrings, chokers, large necklaces, belts, dress pins and finger-rings.”

Gold plated crescent pendant, raw brass round pendant with eye, vintage turquoise teardrop charms, 18k gold plated brass hardware, Carnelian nugget chain with gold plated wire wrap.

Limited quantity of 1.

Handcrafted with love in Texas during the Fall(Payiz)/Winter(Zistanê) of 2020.

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